It’s Perfect!


You can’t get better than perfect?


This may seem like an obvious statement and yet it is something that people try to do on a daily basis, usually without knowing it.


Wing Chun is such a refined system as it is, why tamper with something if it’s not broken?


Ip Man said:

“Anyone can add on to a system, the secret is to try to take something away and yet still keep it pure”


This statement should be taken in the same vain as when we see Formula One teams trying to shave milligrams off of the weight of their car in order to gain more speed, they do NOT do that by adding a tow bar to the damn thing!


So let us look again at this title,

‘You can’t get better than perfect’.


When training your Biu Mar (Arrow stepping)the weight distribution (In training) should be 70% of the weight on your back leg.

Why, because THIS is the optimum amount required, and yet some may think,

‘Well what if I sit back more, perhaps to 80%?’


Well in that case why not go the whole hog and sit 99% on the back leg!

Why, because it would be too much.



If a kick boxer wanted to train head height kicks you would practice higher than the target to make the actual goal (head height) more achievable, this has already been done in you in Biu Mar with the 70/30, because in reality you will probably stand 60/40.

This way you are only a 10% weight shift into the 70/30 non-telegraphed kicking position of a Biu Mar stance and only a 10% weight shift to a 50/50 Sarm Bok Mar grappling (Chi Sau) stance.


So I say again, the 70/30 weight distribution used in Biu Mar, has already allowed for this and that is why THAT is why it is already perfect.


Training with the correct energy in Siu Lim Tau will not be taken to some magical level by adding muscle tension instead it would simply kill the initial energy.


‘You control the Lap’


By this I mean only use enough power to get the result you need, additional power to a Lap Sau may just pull the person on top of you!


As I’ve said before,

‘Just because you can, does not mean you should’


Another example may be, driving through with the punch, may look like it offers more power, but in fact it only loses the explosive power and helps to create a possible, glorified fast push.

And the list goes on…



The same would be said if you were cooking to a recipe book and the directions required a pinch of salt, do you think a fist full of salt would make it better, of course it wouldn’t.


So do what you need to do,

Train what you have been taught,

And eventually your own characteristics WILL add to your Wing Chun.

All I am saying is think about what you are thinking of adding and ask yourself,

Is this really necessary or could it actually be detrimental?


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