It’s In The Detail


If it’s in there, it’s probably needed


Ip Man said:


“Anyone can add on to a system, the real secret is to try take away from it,

While still keeping it pure”


Therefore I say again:


If it’s in there, it’s probably needed


Nowhere more so than in our Forms, something I hold great value in studying properly.

I will always say that applications should be open to interpretation, but the pattern itself MUST be trained perfectly.


One example of this would be the Huen Sau and closing of the hand, this we see used after every move, in every Form, therefore of course this holds great importance, otherwise why do it so often?


This closing move, slowly squeezing the fingers to a tight fist, trains our strength of grip, and, the added benefit of this action helping to pump blood around our body therefore aiding circulation (Just take a look at your wrist & forearm as you wriggle each finger), the pulling back and rotation of the wrist trains additional suppleness and the rotation of our shoulder giving the bonus of shoulder rotation, making Bong’s etc comfortable and reducing risk of tissue damage.

So in that one move alone we see:




Shoulder rotation 


And yet so many people simply rush through this as though it means nothing?


Connecting with this idea let’s look at the Bong, Tan, Tok Sau from 3rd sec, Siu Lim Tau.

Ok so we have the Bong, Tan, Tok Sau, but then what, circle and close?




There are still two moves left before we use the Huen Sau:


Bong, Tan, Tok Sau, then level the hand by training the finger tips to lift with energy, then we pull the hand back further, BEFORE beginning the stretch, this way you maximise your training of the technique.


Here is a simple example of where the ‘Training the finger tips to lift with energy‘ may see some benefit to your training in Chi Sau:


This clip is one of a series of lessons taken from


I hope you get something from it,


Thank you



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