Ip Ching R.I.P.


Ip Ching

7th July 1936 – 26th Jan 2020


This morning I woke to the terrible news of the passing of my Si-Suk (your teachers younger Kung Fu brother (or in this case, actual younger brother)), Sifu Ip Ching.


I first had the pleasure of meeting Ip Ching in 1990, when after training at the VTAA he took me for Dim Sum where he told me many wonderful stories, about both him and his brother.



At that time the thing I admired most about him was his ability to give a direct answer to a direct question, probably bite sized easy to understand answers for the dumb gweilo eh?


We met many times over the years and he even came to my school in Leeds to give a seminar when he was visiting the UK


A great man with great skill, so kind and generous to all who knew him, a true Gentleman, you will be greatly missed sir.


My thoughts at this time are with his family (with Sifu Ip Chun) and with his students, followers and the whole Wing Chun community.


Master Ip Ching Rest In Peace

7th July 1936 – 26th January 2020




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