Overview of the Intermediate Level

Intermediate Level will improve your basic Wing Chun techniques, and will look at the system with a  deeper understanding, using much higher skill sets in Chi Sau and more practical and realistic applications to your street work.

We will see a complete study of the 2nd of our hand forms, Chum Kiu (Bridging The Gap) which focuses more on the footwork (turns, stepping and kicks).  This form is often known as ‘The Fighting Form’.

Intermediate Level also covers the techniques and applications of the Wooden Dummy Form, ‘Muk Yan Jong Fat’ (Wooden Dummy Technique), and even an introduction to the Knife Form.

Intermediate Level Stage 1

The main aim of this level is to complete your fighting form, Chum Kiu, along with many of its applications both in Chi Sau and street self-defence.

We will also take you through the entire Muk Yan Jog Fat (Wooden Dummy Technique), commonly known simply as ‘The Wooden Dummy Form’.

For many Wing Chun practitioners, reaching this standard (or level) is the goal they set for themselves when starting out, but do not simply rush into these advancing stages, or subsequent confusion and misunderstanding will cause you problems.

  • Module 7 [namaste-enroll course_id=311]
  • Module 8 [namaste-enroll course_id=220]
  • Module 9 [namaste-enroll course_id=312]

Intermediate Level Stage 2

In this stage we will complete your Wooden Dummy studies by giving applications for all moves both in Chi Sau and in street work.

Throughout this stage we will also begin your weapons training by starting work on the Bart Jam Dao (8 Cutting Broadswords).

  • Module 10 [namaste-enroll course_id=314]
  • Module 11 [namaste-enroll course_id=315]
  • Module 12 [namaste-enroll course_id=316]





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