An Interesting Topic Raised By A Student On Fighting Fitness



I read something in a book that discouraged my confidence in the heavier styles and strengthened my resolve to stick with Wing Chun (although for some this may be a no-brainer, lol):

“However, the rule is simple- the fitter you are, the better.  That goes for life in general, but in a fight it can mean the difference between escape and a severe beating.  Even if you cannot achieve much in the way of fitness, every little helps.  THE OTHER GUY MIGHT BE GETTING TIRED TOO.  IF HE HAS FIVE SECONDS WORTH OF FIGHTING AND YOU HAVE TEN, YOU WILL WIN.”

I’ll be forty next year, and I don’t feel comfortable depending on my stamina for aggressive styles.  Wing Chun manifests brilliant science, I now see.  It makes me think of that old saying:  “Don’t work harder, work smarter.”  If I’m going to train for years to stay safe for a few seconds of destiny, I believe Wing Chun the best and most efficient path, for me.



My reply:

Regarding fitness:

This is never a bad thing to have, and it may indeed save your life, but it is not the major factor for us.

Each year at my children’s school sports day, the teachers call the parents for the Dad race.

I have been in last place every time.

The first time I was gutted and felt a little embarrassed, but then I realized why.  I DON’T RUN (away that is).

I may have been the most unfit Dad there, but not one of them would have won in a street fight.  🙂

The same could be said for boxing, I wouldn’t last 2 rounds with anyone who was used to that form of training, but take the gloves off, put me in a life or death situation and allow me to use Wing Chun, and we may well have a very different story.

The fitness of my attacker will not allow them to tense their eyes when I strike with a Biu, protect their throat when I Fak Sau or save their groin and knees when I kick.


Fitness may well be needed if two people are simply throwing blow after blow and wrestling but in Wing Chun we use straight line attacks, focus on our strikes, see the situation build before it even happens and try to keep relaxed throughout.

Remember the principles of Wing Chun, ‘Conservation of energy, and Minimum movement’



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