Improving Your Knife Form


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The Knife Form, Bart Jam Dao (Eight cutting broadswords) is one of the highest levels of your training in Wing Chun and bizarrely, is often either rushed, or avoided, the truth is that this should be neither the case.


If you know your hand positions and are competent with your footwork, then why not move on?

Surely only a bad instructor would want to deliberately hinder your progression.


The reason it is ok to start training this Form is that it’s purpose (these days at least!) is to highlight any flaws you may have in your hand positions.

For instance, if your Tan Sau is off centre when using your hands, extending this position further, by holding the knives, will only serve to make this mistake clearer!


Over the next couple of weeks I will be giving some helpful tips via videoed applications, therefore giving more insight to what we are supposed to be doing when playing the Form.

The method I use to teach Form work, is similar to that of learning a song, first we get familiar with the overall melody, then join in with the chorus, then start picking up the verses, before finally getting to grips with the details such as key changes etc. (you get the idea?).

What I mean by this is that I think it works well to learn a very basic pattern, then start getting an idea of what these moves are for, even before having perfected the shapes, this way, knowing what you are supposed to be doing will help to correct those positions, and, keep your interest flowing in the process.


To get your started here is an old video explaining how to choose your knives, I hope you get something from it.


Thank you.


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