Do I Need A Wooden Dummy? Is Mo Jong Really The Same?


Muk Yan Jong Fat (Meaning Wooden Dummy Technique)

Mo Jong (Simply Meaning – No Dummy)


If you do not have a Wooden Dummy do not worry.

Firstly we need to ask:

What is the purpose of the Wooden Dummy Form?


The Dummy form is there to teach us how to move around an opponent and develop skill using different ranges and positions.

It is not there purely for conditioning, conditioning is best done through Chi Sau and drills etc.


Of course some conditioning can be and indeed will be gained through training on the Dummy but the problems begin when this is your main focus.


Always striking with force against the Dummy often encourages an over commitment of hand positions, unnoticed purely because of the Dummy arms prevented you from seeing the final position should those arms (in reality) be removed.


This is where Mo Jong is of great help.

It is interesting to see what happens when you take a Wooden Dummy practitioner off of the Dummy and have them run the form without one.

Arms can be searching for a contact, the striking areas changing constantly and in general it look like their new invisible Dummy is on wheels!


Mo Jong helps you to develop focus and aim, not only in your striking but in your overall attention, directed constantly to the same area.


If you have a Wooden Dummy, great, use it, but do not neglect Mo Jong


And if you do not have a Dummy, so what?


Still train the form and many of its benefits, using your Chi Sau for any conditioning you may feel you’re missing out on.


Or in failing that, take a walk to the woods and punch a tree.  🙂





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