How’s Your Sarm Bok Mar Timing?


Somebody asked me a simple question the other day, regarding the Sarm Bok Mar and the timing of the Paks against Biu Mar punches, the question being,

Do we step and then Pak, or de we Pak and then step or is it done at the same time?


Now before you read any further into this blog you may wish to just take a moment to consider this answer and see if your thoughts are the same as this resulting blog?


So again, when using Sarm Bok Mar and Paks,

‘Do you step first, Pak first, or is it at the same time?’


Make sure you’ve answered this yourself before you continue…


Do you have your own answer?


Okay then, moving on assuming you’ve answered this already.


Usually people will opt for the answer that this should be done at the same time, is that you too?


Basically, when defending against punches the timing will be hands first then feet.

Why, because your feet will never be able to move as fast as your hands.


However, if you are using your Sarm Bok Mar (as a back up to) with Gum Sau, defending against a front kick, then the timing will be together.

Why, because this time the feet are defending against feet.


The two (surprise) videos below where taken in a class environment and not planned in any way, therefore the answers (or struggle for answers) is obvious, partly because this was sprung on them and partly because they where not sure what I was looking for.


I hope these videos make clear my point?


Thank you


Sarm Bok Mar Paks And Their Timing (Part 1)




Sarm Bok Mar Paks And Their Timing (Part 2)





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