How To Really Drill Bong Sau

Bong is not the finish of the move,

It’s only the beginning.


We all know what a Bong Sau is, and we all know how to turn with one (well most of us that is), we also know what we should be doing after the Bong, but are you training that idea when running through your Bongs solo?

The likelihood is that you are not.


I have no doubt that your Bong is correct, but a Bong on its own would be ridiculous would it not?

So why not train what happens after the Bong, certainly much more than you are now, and especially when training solo.


In the video below I address one way in which to do this and also look at a simple partner drill in order to focus on the continuation of the action, while also incorporating sensitivity training.


Do give this a try, you will definitely get something from this.


Thank you for watching.


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