How Solo Training Aids Partner Training


Solo training,

Massively underestimated


I completely understand a students’ want to partner train, especially if self-defence is your main, or even only, reason for learning Wing Chun, and of course in Chi Sau and Sparring, a partner will be essential, but even then, to be effective in these areas, solo preparation is still key.


The video below is short a clip taken from one of this weeks livestream classes (held every Monday and Thursday 7.00-8.00pm GMT) where this topic was raised, and explains a little of what (and why) we need our solo training as much as we do.


Incidentally, that particular class is now uploaded in its entirety and available for you to view (and to join in with ‘as’ live) on the homepage at


Please note that any livestream classes shown on our homepage, are not made specifically for public viewing but are merely an opportunity for you to sample what we offer week after week.


Oh and please forgive the sticky start to this clip, annoyingly that was the only internet interference we had during the whole 1 hour and 10 minute class!

Typical eh?


Thank you for watching.



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