How Good Is A Biu?


Biu’s do not need strength


A question I read on our forum once, had me immediately grinning, as it is one that pops up a lot.

And if you haven’t actually asked it before, there’s a very strong chance you’ve thought it.



“I want to take what I learn from you into different martial arts schools and spar with the people there, so I can improve.

Do you think I could hold my own against bjj/muay thai fighters with what I learn here?”



Light sparring is always fun but you need to be aware of your restrictions.


What do I mean by this?


Sparring is ok to do, I’m just saying that if it doesn’t go exactly to plan, but do not be upset or start to doubt your Wing Chun.


By sparring, you’re simply not using Wing Chun in the way it was meant to be used. 

No Biu’s to the eyes

No direct kicks to the knee

No strikes to the throat

No elbows

No arm breaks

No sneaky approaches

Oh and please wear these pillows on your fists so you cannot create any internal damage!


Wing Chun uses energy and works on a multidirectional force.

Sparring styles often use muscle, a mono directional force (one that would drive through (or overcommit should it miss)) and therefore would justify the use of padding/gloves.


Oh and as for styles competing in general, we must remember that it is never the style but the person.

If someone is bad at Karate, Karate is not bad, they are.


I often hear students say to me that they did some sparring over the weekend with a friend of theirs who studies (insert style here) and,

“They were all over me, what was I doing wrong?”


Simple answer:

You tried to spar using Wing Chun.


Wing Chun is not a sport.

Of course there are many other wonderful benefits to this beautiful style, such as the internal health aspects, the meditation and the joy and body flexibility of Chi Sau, but originally this was designed for protection, real life or death protection, and, against a bigger stronger opponent.


Not to simply put on gloves and trade blows.


Sparring is fine but do remember, it’s not Wing Chun.


Here is a fine example of why Wing Chun should not be used in competition or even sparring, and how gloves would limit your potential anyway.


US Army Special Forces vs. Peruvian Special Forces





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