Hong Kong, Visit Number??? (Part 3)



I do hope you’ve enjoyed these three blogs and that I’ve not bored you too much, I simply wanted to share my experiences and thank those who have helped me along the way and been so kind to me for so many years.


Every time I take a group to Hong Kong we have always been made to feel so very welcome and I sometimes think that they’ve been saving themselves for our visit, certainly at Yeung’s class, where a planned two-hour session had everyone collapsed on the floor forty-five minutes from the end!


It is great to see new friendships being formed and old ones reunited with group photos always being requested.




But Happy


One of the greatest experiences of Hong Kong for me is how it seems to get in your blood, playing Chi Sau while breathing in the warmth and humidity as well as being surrounded by the sights and sounds, you cannot help but have the place become a part of you.

This was most apparent to me on my first return to the UK, landing in Manchester on a cold morning, the cold, clean, fresh air shocked me by comparison.


Having had months of Wing Chun becoming internalised I later felt that playing Chi Sau with people, to me they felt like robots, arms feeling like hollow tubes, where was the energy and the warmth I experienced for all that time?

This is what I look forward to the most when I visit Hong Kong.


Master Ip Chun has often said to me that when watching Chi Sau, too many people focus on the arms and do not step back in order to watch the whole thing, because when playing we must try to use the body as a whole, and I think this is what I also mean when I refer to the arms of many, feeling like hollow tubes.


There is such a difference in culture, mainly down to the 24/7 lifestyle, I mean where else would a person decide to run their class at 9.00 – 11.00pm on a Saturday evening?

Which is exactly when Ip Chun holds his class at Shatin Town Hall, and as we were a little early, why not train, even if it is outside a monster of a shopping mall, to which I might also add, no one batted an eyelid.



Unfortunately, again due to the troubles, the class was VERY small and our time their to be short due to the earl closing of the railways, but my thanks still go to the wonderful few who made us feel at home.


Shatin Class


On our last day it was not just Sifu Ip Chun who was to receive an award, as I was presented with a beautiful porcelain gift, created by the very talented Ruby Ip.

Only two of these pieces were made, the first of these was presented to Grandmaster Ip Chun (who donated it to the Ip Man museum in Foshan) and the second here today.


My heartfelt thanks for such a wonderful gesture, which I will certainly cherish.


Thank you Ruby Ip.


After class Sifu invited us all to go for lunch with him and Si-Mo (Sifu’s wife) to the Chee Lin Nunnery for a marvelous vegetarian banquet, a wonderfully fitting way to end our visit, leaving just a little time for final sightseeing, shopping and packing.



So I will close this blog by once again thanking our family in Hong Kong and wishing Sifu and everyone else there, good health and happiness until we see you again in the new year.


Thank you


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