Home Sweet Home


Back at the helm

(Photo by Loik Marras)


Apologies for any delays in responding to questions, either through email or text, or for my lack of interaction through the forum last month, but as most of you know I spent all of September (and a little of August) travelling around Alaska, Yukon and Vancouver, with a final stop in Seattle, but now I am back.


The trip was wonderful and with so many high points, such as being within 30ft of a grizzly bear (Try a Tan/Da on that bad boy!), being within 6ft of both beavers and muskrats (SO cute), following a pod of Orca’s, and, after wild camping at the side of a lake, backed by snow capped mountains, I watched a display of the brightest Northern Lights imaginable, of such magnitude I cannot justify with words.

I never believed the lights could be so strong, dancing colours of greens and pinks all across the sky in front of us and the brightest stars you could imagine, shining behind us, and this is just naming a few of the amazing things we saw and did, all capped off with a visit to Bruce Lee’s tomb in Seattle before heading home.


‘Am I sad to be back?’


Simply fully recharged and ready for training.


My head is so full of ideas now and I cannot wait to start implementing these new plans, giving WingChun.Online a facelift and incorporate elements which will make navigating the site much easier and be even more interactive for our community.


I look forward to getting things moving behind the scenes and to seeing you all next week in our livestream classes.


May I thank you all once again for your continued efforts and devotion to improving your Wing Chun knowledge and skills with us.


See you at class!







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