Happy New Year


Happy New Year!


This has been another wonderful year, as always filled with its ups and downs of course but on the plus side, I still have my school, I am still able to teach and still able to train, and for a fantastic end to the year, only a few weeks ago was able to still play Chi Sau with my Sifu, Ip Chun, and yes, I am going to remind you again, that he is now 95 years old!!!


I truly wish to thank you all for your continued dedication to training, support of the site, for your kind responses to blogs and for all your help in the continued spreading of Grandmaster Ip Chun’s Wing Chun across the world.


Ip Chun is very proud of what we are doing here and therefore believes his father would be too.


Our family is always growing and getting stronger, and that is down to you, our members.


So here’s to 2020 and to wishing you every success in growing your schools, doubling your training partners and to our hopefully meeting in person over the next twelve months (Just wait and see what’s in store).


So may I once again wish you all, health, wealth and happiness for you and your families over this coming year.


Thank you.

Sifu Ward

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