Happy New Year Update


I would like start this message by taking the opportunity to thank you all for your hard work and dedication, not only to your training but to the site too, and for the kindness so many of you have shared throughout this year.

Your compliments and praise have made all the hard work worth it, and give us all a fresh boost to the new ideas that will follow.


This year we’ve had schools opening all around the world, in the USA from New York to California, from Alaska to Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Pakistan, Delhi and Dubai and many more.



Moving into next year you will see:


Uploading of Seminars

With an invite for you to join us ahead of time by sending in your requests and questions for me to answer, discuss and demonstrate.


Guest Speakers

Monthly guest spots from other instructors so as to give you a different perspective to what you may be training now.


School Classes

Uploading of group classes at my personal school, so you can, not only see what and how I teach, but also have the chance to join in with the training and feel part of the family.


Then there’s our Facebook page to join, and be part of the:

Siu Lim Tau Challenge



The task here being to play your Siu Lim Tau everyday throughout 2018 and send in photos of the strangest or most extreme place you’ve trained it.

Let’s all genuinely feel the energy developing next year and enjoy the benefits of internal health.



Lots of new lessons being added to the library and much, much more.


So all that is left for this last blog of 2017, is to wish you all,

Health, Happiness and a Wonderful New Year for 2018!


See you next year!



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