Goodbye Harris


The last and the best Siu Lim Tau, EVER!


This (last ‘holiday’ Form) was recorded at the end of last week and was meant to be posted yesterday, but, as I had to pack the car for a family of five, and then cram in a six-hundred and fifty mile drive (in one day!), it kind of slipped my mind.

I only mention this in case there is any difference showing between the dates of the post and the date of the the blog announcement.


It was a lovely warm day, I had the sun on my face, a gentle breeze on my back and the sound of waves gently lapping against the rocks, as I looked out to sea and prepared myself for a play of Siu Lim Tau.

The video you see here was just a quick warm up, but what followed was an awesome experience.


I completely lost myself in the Form and stayed there for at least forty-five minutes, and with a grounding like I had never known before.


The reason for this was that, as I felt so comfortable (with, ‘The sun on my face and a gentle breeze on my back‘), I just didn’t want to move, and as time went by, the tide came in.

The outcome being that my feet were sinking deeper and deeper into the sand, making my stance feel as though it was made of iron!


It was a wonderful experience to feel so ‘connected‘ with the ground and to feel such energy flowing (HIGHLY recommended).


When I finally finished the Form and slowly opened my eyes, I noticed that a BBQ lunch was ready (a wonderful surprise) and that my kids had joined me, with my eldest daughter practicing the Form alongside me and my other children crawling through my stance and playing around my legs.


I hadn’t even noticed!

Glad they hadn’t drifted out to sea, I never would have known!


This was just the kind of thing I was looking for on this break, a recharge of the batteries and a fresh reconnection to my Wing Chun.


This beautiful style never fails to amaze me, every day, and I thank Sifu Ip Chun for guiding me through such a wonderful system, being able to discover wonder, in what sometimes (and let’s be frank) can be a world of s**t.


So if you’re having a stressful day, or worried about the future, or even (as I was on that morning), feeling a little under the weather, play your Siu Lim Tau and see what it can do for you.

It made me feel as bright as a new penny afterwards, oh and ready for that drive home too.


Thank you Sifu and thank you Wing Chun!


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