A Good Teacher Should Share Everything


I often hear from disheartened practitioners who say things like:

“I asked my teacher what move he just did?”

Only to hear,

“Ah one day” or :That’s for me to know and for you to find out”.




This is the worst thing a teacher can do.


By all means encourage the student to discover for themselves what jus happened and how best to deal with it.


If a student has clearly asked you a question, and cannot work it out for themselves, tell them!


This way everybody wins.


The student gets new information by not only learning a new move but also how to defend it too.

And as for the the teacher, he is now no longer able to use that technique on that student, and therefore must continue to explore new avenues of attack, helping to expand his own skills.


Skills we hope he will continue to share with his students.

And the cycle begins again..


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