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Mental health is more important than physical

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As martial artists we have all been through the rigorous regime of training for a hard and healthy body (even though I am FAR from being in my prime at the moment), but how much do we focus on keeping a healthy mind?


Surely this is just as important if not more so?


Both of my parents passed away with dementia so this is a subject close to my heart, but in this case, I am not referring to the loss of memory but more so the loss of happiness.


I often contribute to a mental health site, listening to those with issues and trying to help whenever possible.


It is estimated that 15% of the entire adult population will experience depression at some time in their life.


Right now, in the UK alone 20% of the population is suffering with depression and anxiety, so what can we do about it?


If you know of someone who has depression and want to help them, try giving them time and consideration, without just saying, “Cheer up” as to anyone suffering with depression, that is one of the worst things you can do.

In fact this approach would only highlight the issue and add weight to it, but what if you are not the supporter but the sufferer,


So what can we do for ourselves?


Earlier this week I found myself chatting with someone who was in a terrible position and considering taking his own life, seeing nothing but the bad things life had to offer and believing that everyone would be better off if he were not around, this was my reply to him and I hope it is something that many others would consider.

Oh and I an NOT saying that this is correct, this was only an opinion and I would value any positive feedback, thank you.



Negative thoughts are the easiest to feed, and this rapidly spirals downwards.
You need to surround yourself with positive energies, feel good factors and success stories, immerse yourself with elements of goodness.
Start with a favourite fun movie with fizzy pop and chocolate, balls to feeling fat too!  Image is a mental state not a physical one, if you make yourself happy, who cares what you look like and why care what others think.
You are a kind person and in your career have helped SO MANY people through bad times.
This will not happen immediately but will ‘never’ happen while you’re in these same negative places (literally).
Think of where you are now and what is the worst thing about it, then you will know what needs to change first.
One step at a time my friend, as long as they’re all going in the right direction.
Much love


The idea behind this clip of advice was that, if you are a drug addict, hanging around with other drug users and close to your dealer, is not the best start in training to make a change.

I am not saying that we just move house or go on holiday, nothing that requires money, I am talking about going for a walk, taking in some great views of nature, assisting an elderly person, ANYTHING that may make you feel in a better place, obviously this is different for everyone so you need to find what works for you.


Lets try to stay positive through the sad times and find what is good in life (it is out there), when our mind is happy, our mind will be healthy, and when our mind is healthy our bodies will follow.


Love and happiness to you all.


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