Goals & Dreams (Revisited)


What’s the difference?


Today’s blog is not one of teaching (at least I do not think so) but more of me just wanting to share a thought with you if I may.


I have tried writing this blog many times in the past, but never seem to find the right words, so please forgive me if this reads a little shallow of heartless at times, as that is definitely not my intention.


We all think it’s good to have goals and dreams, and it is, but have you ever thought what you’d do with them if you achieved them?


Now there’s a significant difference between a dream and a goal, goals are achievable and in many ways a necessity, otherwise we become and remain, sheep, just cogs in the wheel of life, making the dreams come true for others instead of for you.


An achievable goal to me is like trying to get your driving licence, trying to get that promotion at work, passing your next grading and even one day achieving your black belt, or it may even be to just to get the tasks done that you’ve set yourself for that day.


Dreams however are different.


Now before I start here, I am of course referring to a materialistic view if you like, NOT the genuine heartfelt dreams we would all wish for and encourage, such as hoping you can afford your rent this month, to be able put food on the table or to have a treatment of chemotherapy be successful.


I am referring to those dreams such as wishing to have a villa in the sun, a flash sports car or to have their very own school one day.


It’s at moments like these I tend to think,

‘What’s REALLY important to you?’


This?  Doubt it.


Money doesn’t always buy happiness, it doesn’t always get rid of your problems, in fact it often just creates new ones.

It’s the easiest thing the think,

‘If I just had a little more money then I’d be comfortable’


Most will agree, but then, what follows?

You look for a bigger place to live, a better car, which in turn bring bigger rents and bigger repayments.

So again I say:

‘What’s REALLY important to you?’


When your child cries and screams, throwing a tantrum or refusing to go to bed, and just being a complete pain in the ass, it is so easy to get cross, but instead, take a moment to think, ‘What if something happened to that child?’, how bad you’d feel for showing harsh feelings and negativity towards them?

So when your children do ’Act up’, take a deep breath and give them a hug, because that is what’s really important, not material things.


Some time ago I read a lovely quote but I simply cannot remember where it was from, so please forgive my not giving credit, but it was along the lines…

You only live once


You only die once,

You LIVE every day so make the most of it


And while I’m throwing life quotes out, there’s an Ip man is quoted I also like:

“We all have inner demons to fight, we call these demons, fear and hatred and anger.

If you do not conquer them then a life of a hundred years is a tragedy.

If you do, then a life of a single day is a triumph”


I am not sure where I am going with this, apart from to say that we should enjoy the journey and not just focus on the destination.

When chasing a young love for instance, people say,

‘The fun is in the chase, not the catching’

And this is true, just ask any married man.



John Lennon said:

“Life is what happens while you’re making plans for the future”


And this is my point, do not only have dreams, goals can be achieved and will be rewarding every time you reach one, a dream can take a lifetime, BUT, what happens if you finally get there and then think…

‘Is this it?’

What do you do when the chase is over and you’ve reached the top, when you’ve reach that dream?


Do you make another dream to chase, which only keeps you unhappy for longer still?


So just like in Chi Sau, stay in the moment, have goals AND dreams yes, BUT do not lose sight of the good things you have right now, because one day you’ll wish for this time again, and it will not be there.


Oh and there’s no point ending up the richest stiff in the cemetery is there?



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