Garn Sau Explained (Part 1)


Wing Chun’s

Grandmaster Ip Chun


We all know Tan Sau, we all know Bong Sau, but not everyone knows Garn Sau (no matter which way you choose to spell it), or perhaps you know the shape, but not fully its applications.


In this clip I wanted to approach the idea of teaching Garn to our newer class members, but also to try to save some time in teaching the changes (which can often go wrong), therefore here were some methods I use to better understand the ‘Path’ the hands take during this transition.


In Part 2 of this post I will show how to troubleshoot this exercise (should you find any issues that is), and also clarify, how, when and why, we refine and aim for precision in the Garn.

In simple terms:


Before you start adapting the Garn to suit your needs,

Know what it is you are about to adapt from.


Not having a default setting to refer back to, can only be a recipe for disaster later in life.


My thanks to the students for their assistance and co-operation in sharing this experience.


Remember to look out for Part 2 and thank you for watching.


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