Free Tuition From Tomorrow Morning!


Yes you read that right!


Free tuition from tomorrow!


You’d be a fool to miss out.


Between midnight tonight and noon tomorrow (GMT) we will be offering free tuition for ever, and we’ll throw in a wooden dummy, some knives, a few wall bags, a pole, a whole school and even my grandma’s ashes!  Why not?!


The first few to apply on 1st April (April fools day) will get everything!

The whole Wing Chu system in a single can.


Simply used the 100% discount code CRAZY FOOL at checkout and get everything, and hey!

You won’t even need to ever train!


We’ll just send you all the skills you need through the psychic channels by you closing your eyes as tight as you can, and thinking, FOOL.


Best of luck everyone and have a wonderful weekend.




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