Feeling Good


Open doors again


Yesterday we opened our doors again for class, and it felt wonderful.


We did have some restrictions, I just can’t remember what they were now?  🙂


Joking aside, classes were kept to a reduced capacity of 12 students per session with a couple of classes running back to back to accommodate everyone.


My view was that as long as people were keen to do so, I would allow contact but if there was ANY doubt, then this would be respected and distance training continue for those individuals.

As the government guidelines did say that small groups may meet and may HUG, then this to me, also indicated an acceptance for Chi Sau, I mean we are one big family after all?


It felt so good seeing so many coming back and actually being able to train together, Chi Sau was great and the drills (to me for sure) were even better, I felt SO relaxed when using my Pak’s etc. everything just had a flow to it, and the really good news was that, all the training hours we had put in previously through the livestream Zoom sessions, really seemed to have paid off.


Classes at my school in Leeds may be back on, with sessions on Tuesday’s and Saturday’s, but I will still keep my livestream classes on the Monday’s and Thursday’s.


Even though we may be back at class for partner training, studies in Form work and personal training must still continue, whenever you need it, therefore wingchun.online and its support classes, still remain available.


I would like to welcome home my personal students and send big Congratulations to all those schools who have finally been able to open their doors again too.


Onwards and upwards everyone,

Here’s to the future!



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