Fancy A Wing Chun 10K Challenge?


This weekends challenge everyone, is a 10k.

Not a run.  


For more than 20 years I executed 10,000 punches every day, something I’ve not done for a little while now but fancy getting back in to.


The reason for this being that to me, almost everything in Wing Chun is down to punches.



When we Lap and Punch, the front hand becomes the back hand and the back hand becomes the front hand (a punch).

When we Pak – Punch, the back hand becomes the front (through the action of the Pak), forcing what was the front hand to momentarily become the back hand, and when we punch, the back hand becomes the front once more (again as a punch).

Even when we drill Bong Sau’s, the action is to go out, over the top, if we allow ourselves to relax our arms and drop the elbows, you will again see this same principle as chain punching.

This is even the same when changing in Garn and Kwuns, changing up on the inside, again following the format of the punches, in fact a nice way of explaining Garns, is to visualise the high Garn hand, pressing and deflecting downward the attacking hand, while your lower hand comes up on the inside and forward as a counter attack (again, a punch).

If you were to drawn the high Garn inward (and toward your body) on its downward trajectory, you would be bringing the strike straight onto yourself, and this I’m sure you will agree, would feel more as though you were changing Tok Sau’s (the one exception to the rule by the way).


So you see why I say;

To me, almost everything in Wing Chun is down to punches.


So see if you can, try to cover 10,000 punches during this weekend.


You may be more comfortable to do these in blocks of 500 spread over that time period (easier to count too).


You are forgiven for not doing these in the one day, and definitely forgiven for not trying to do this in the one sitting!
Best not to attempt doing that anyway.


DO NOT try to use power, it’s not about that, it’s about developing mechanical memory.


Never sacrifice technique for speed and power.


Of course, once you have the technique, gradually reintroduce the speed and the power, to not do this would simply mean you making faster and more aggressive mistakes!


Enjoy.  🙂



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