Explosive Power Through Forms



(The secret to Wing Chun?)


I have long said that if there were to be a so called, ‘Secret’ to Wing Chun, it would have to be in your ability to switch energy off, in essence:


‘As soon as you use it, lose it’


During one of our twice weekly WingChun.Online livestream classes, a question was raised in how is it possible to train this ‘off switch‘ when training solo, the video below is a clip from that class.


This piece is actually over twenty minutes long due to my bringing in various other factors along the way, and initially had no intention of being broadcast as a blog (otherwise I would have gotten to the point a lot faster).


I do hope you get something from this session and begin a whole new way to how you may choose to study your Form work and solo training in general.


Thank you for watching.



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