Exciting news!


Today I created a new Facebook group for our online members, where I will be checking in daily, answering your questions, sharing experiences and posting interesting, relevant and connected points.


I’m looking forward to raising various topics with you all and reading your responses, as this will enable me to get your views on so many areas and help where needed, therefore making sure you’re all on the right path.


Unfortunately this ‘Secret’ group and will only be available to Full Members of WingChun.Online and not Guest Members.


This should will be a great help to your training, and as we move on you will have exclusive videos, first viewings of new material and plans for regular live interaction.


Existing Full Members will be sent an email with this information and after a quick check, receive approval to the group.


Of course, leaving your WingChun.Online membership would automatically involve leaving this group too.


All good stuff and very exiting!



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