Enjoy Your Health,,, NOW.

Thankfully I’m not THIS bad


This Christmas has not been quite what I’d hoped, with Covid taking hold of me on the week up to the big day, and then knocking me for six since, NEVER before have I wanted to train some Wing Chun!!!


In the past I have referred to such examples as a broken leg or a broken arm and the fact that it is not until you suffer from a broken leg that you then want to play football, go for run or even just take a long walk, and this is the same for a broken arm or wrist, it is not until this moment that you want to throw a ball or skim a stone.


So if you happen to be so lucky as to NOT have a broken leg or a broken arm, do not wait until then to want throw that ball or go for that walk, do it now.

If you want to do something, stop putting it off, do it today.


People say, ‘You only live once’

Not true, you only die once, you LIVE every day, so don’t waste it.


Take this opportunity now to steal a few minutes to play some Forms, my goodness I know I would, especially if you’ve been enjoying a little too much of the lovely feasting (and let’s give a thought for those not so lucky to be able to do so).


If you are on a break from work, how wonderful for you, but that does not mean you need to take a break from training does it???


So remember the love you have for your training and get on it, even if only for half an hour.


So to get back to my point:

Enjoy life if you are able to, as there is nearly always someone worst off than you (and if there isn’t then God bless you).

So kick a ball if you can, throw a stone if it is possible, train Wing Chun while you are upright.


Don’t waste this time, embrace it, with fun family times and some great Wing Chun training.


Keep safe, keep healthy and look out for those less fortunate than yourself.

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