Dip Your Toe Into Wing Chun!


No pain, no gain

(The classic phrase of the body builder)


This is a phrase we often hear when it comes to training, and can come in many different guises, wether that is lifting weights and going for that extra count, training turning stance for countless hours in order to to perfect it, or maybe pushing yourself to do more and more punches, as in the WingChun.Online 10-1 Club.


The WingChun.Online 10-1 Club is a challenge we started at the beginning of May, aiming to complete in TEN weeks, ONE MILLION punches (oh and if you still wish to be part of this, go to wingchun.online, scroll down the homepage and click on the golden ticket).

Just start your campaign on Monday 5th June and see if you can join us in covering the remaining 500,000 punches in the 5 weeks left?!


The effort behind the beauty eh?


Anyway, back to the post…


While walking on a beach in Harris, I was reminded of this idea when my feet first met with the cold North Atlantic ocean and felt momentarily frozen before being once again warmed in the sun.


This was just a video taken at that moment which I thought I’d share with you, thank you for watching.


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