Dan Chi Sau – Origins Explained


Dan Chi Sau done properly


Dan Chi Sau, is one of the first partner drills you will learn, and unfortunately it is often rushed, misunderstood and then simply brushed under the carpet. BUT, trained properly it has great values.


The first thing we must understand is that of being in range, not to try to hit (as such) but to know what range actually is, otherwise, playing this while at a great distance from each other, serves no purpose but to look pretty (pretty unless).


The ability to execute a correct Jum Sau in Dan Chi, can also be crucial in being able to execute the perfect turning punch while rolling in Gor Sau (‘Attacking hands’ AKA Chi Sau), but I’ll leave that for another day.


In this beginner class, the students had just learned the shapes within the Dan Chi Sau exercise, here I am explaining one reason for this drill (the change from passive to aggressive Jum) and its origins.


We also look at the feeling when trying to maintain the wrist position against the attacking palm strike, ‘feeling’ as though you are pushing forward and ‘feeling’ as though you are pressing down.


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