Christmas Wishes


Merry Christmas to all


This years Christmas wish comes with huge thanks and an outpouring of love to all of our Instructors, Students and Blog readers, who have been so kind over this last year with their continued support of the association, and of course,


With the livestream classes we started running in March, it has given me an added connection with so many of you, having the pleasure of training alongside you and watching your skills grow (and at a rapid rate I might add!).


For the most of us 2020 has been a wash out and needs forgetting, but for those who have lost loved ones, jobs and even their homes, 2020 will never be forgotten, therefore I wish you all a better year for 2021, with health, happiness and prosperity to you all and your loved ones.


Please keep training and keep healthy, and let us spare a thought this year for those who are not so fortunate as ourselves.


Merry Christmas and bless you all, from

Sifu Colin Ward & GM Ip Chun




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