Changes To Our Live-Stream Classes


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Hello everyone,


I hope this message finds you all in good health and staying clear of the dreaded virus.


I am posting to announce a change to our live-stream classes, for the present time at least.


A few months ago I introduced a Thursday evening live-stream class for both our SERIOUS members and our VERY SERIOUS members, with an additional session available on Tuesdays (Two in fact) held at 3.00pm GMT and 6.00pm GMT, and it is the Tuesday sessions I wish to address today.


These times slots were in place to accommodate our members between Asia and the United States, however, throughout this three-month period only one person used this facility.

That particular student is still with us but changed his membership plan due to finding a class he wanted to attend, makingthat, his training priority for the time being.


Therefore, I see no reason to keep these slots available considering that all I am doing is staring at a blank screen for forty minutes!


I will not be reducing live-stream training, simply changing the program slightly to find times that better suit you and your needs.


It is only the Tuesday classes which will be changing as the Thursday sessions are becoming very popular,

And at we always try to put you first.


With this in mind, and for the moment anyway, I will be making the additional Tuesday session (For VERY SERIOUS members only) to 7.00pm GMT and I do hope you will be able to join us.


Further changes to the site to be effective by August will include regular email updates of what is available to you (this is mainly to be aimed at our VERY SERIOUS members).


And, there will be an extension to our live-stream classes, (to one hour) AND to have to available these available to view afterwards for a specified time period (possibly 24 hours from the finish of the class), making these more accessible for those who cannot attend this time, as well as giving the chance for repeat studying.


I hope this better meets your needs and I look forward to seeing some more of you in class soon.


Many thanks and kindest regards to you all,


Sifu Ward

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