How Can I Relax In Chi Sau?


This is a common question and often the biggest problem for a student to control.


Oh and it’s nearly always the other guys fault isn’t it?



The reason we have this problem is usually from just one small trigger to get the tension ball rolling.


Person A. either pushes a little heavy by accident, or tenses up in a momentary panic at the fear of attack, this then feels to the Person B. that pressure is being used, and the outcome, whether conscious or not, is for that Person B. to then push back.

Person A. responds and so it begins.


Each person trying to match the force that they believe the other is creating and building upon.


So how do we stop this?


Simple, providing you are willing to do it.


One person needs to be brave and be the first to ease off the pressure.

Whoever is willing to do this is definitely the bigger person.


As quickly as we felt the tension building up, we can feel it leaving.

This is simply the pressure build in reverse.


If one person eases off the force, even just a touch, the other will follow suit, probably feeling a sense of relief in the process too, and subsequently the outcome of this is that as the tension that previously spiraled upward, will begin to spiral downward.


There is an individual who, let’s just say I do not get on with, and one of the reasons I do not get on with this person is because this person feels very ill and bitter toward me.

This is exactly the same as in Chi Sau.

Buddha said,

“Holding onto anger is like holding onto a hot coal, if you do not let it go it is only you who will get burnt”.

I also like what Oscar Wilde said regarding forgiveness,

“Always forgive your enemies, nothing annoys them more”.


So I decided to be nice, and continued to be nice, day after day, and, the outcome from this was has been more than pleasant.

In fact I feel very happy now that we are having a good relationship once again.


One of us had to make that first move and I decided to make it me.


No more burning coals and a far better quality of life.


So when you play Chi Sau, be nice.


Just because someone is using tension does not mean that you should, unless you want to of course, but that is very different, because now it is your choice.

Besides, what if they have more energy than you?  They will win.


Remember, when we talk of energy, it is not how much energy you have but how well you can use it.


Think of energy like money.

We’ve all heard of lottery winners, scooping millions of dollars only to find themselves three years later homeless.

If you have lots of money but spend it foolishly, you will not have it for very long.

But if you are frugal with your money, you can make just a little go a very long way.


Spend your energy wisely and and do not get drawn into a battle using someone else’s rules, there’s every chance you will not win.



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