Can I Plan Ahead A Technique To Use?

A good question was asked by a student in our forum regarding how to move around someone during an exchange, actually it was, “If you were face to face with an adversary, what are some simple techniques to get behind him quickly to do a choke hold, for example?”
In short, the outcome of a situation is not dictated by either side, it may be encouraged but never certain.
Remember, we do not get in to a position to do a technique, we do the technique from the position we’re in.
Trying to plan the outcome ahead of time is almost impossible, almost.  What I mean by this is that you may well check your options as you feel a situation developing, such as exits, position of attackers friends or even possible weapons available, but this is not the movies and you should never underestimate your attacker.
If a person ran at you with their head down, and you step aside, you MAY find yourself behind him.
If a person steps forward, and you step forward (but taking an angle), again, you MAY find yourself behind him.
But if you try to orchestrate a situation purely in order to find yourself behind him, you MAY find yourself just getting knocked out.
All we can do is stay in the moment and keep focussed and keep safe, all the things we gain from playing Chi Sau.
Try to defuse it.
Try to walk.
If neither option available, strike first (and without telegraphing).
This IS NOT sucker punch as you are not the instigator but simply defending and trying to escape.
Waiting for a person to strike first to see if you can defend it is actually a bit crazy, but training in this way sees us ready for a worst case scenario.

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