Bong Sau, Relaxed And Soft Or Hard And Strong?


This is a topic that often causes confusion, but it does not need to.


There is a soft Bong and a hard Bong, neither one is right or wrong, provided it is used with the correct force at the correct time, and this is where we see the problem.


One of our online students had the opportunity to visit a Wing Chun school recently in his area and was kindly invited to train with them.

Afterwards however, he was a little confused and sent me this question;


“We did the chi sau practice and I was given the one handed chi sau to train with tan – palm strike – bong.  I was shown to resist the punch with a strong corkscrew motion and use a bong that does not collapse?  It could be my understanding being off, but I thought the bong needed to be collapsible, there I was taught to use is in chi sau as a strong block forward.”


Now as I mentioned, there is room for both, and even when pushed in Chi Sau, but you must understand there are guidelines to follow.

Hopefully this short class video will give some clarity, recorded on a mobile phone I hope the sounds is acceptable.


Thank you;



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