Bite Sized Wing Chun


Do things sometimes appear a little too much?

They do not need to be.


During the various lockdowns, like many, I decided to take onboard some new challenges, and when starting any new venture we all need to star at the beginning, for some this is easy, for others, perhaps not so easy, for me…


I’m going to go out on a limb here and blame the teacher.


Now I have often said to Instructors:


“If you are not learning through teaching, then you are not teaching right”


I have also said:


“Be careful when teaching, not to blow your students’ mind,

YOU are not aware of how much knowledge you have, 

and how little your student will know.”


For those of us who know what a Tan Sau is, well done, but if you are trying to reach this to someone, never assume that they know what you know.




Today I was in the company of one such Instructor (not teaching a Martial Art might I add) and the issue I had with him was that he just went on and on, way too fast for me, leaving thinking, ‘What just happened?’


All I could think to do was smile and pretend I knew what he was talking about, all the while trying to give myself time to work it out, which was not the best strategy as he was immediately on to spewing out the next thing!


This, is NOT going to happen when learning with


Here we take things in stages, at your pace, and in bit size pieces.


Take your time to watch the videos over and over again until you really feel you understand it, THEN move on, and if you’re not sure, ask, either on our Forum, where the answers will be in writing, therefore giving you more time to study and digest what has been explained to you, OR directly, through one of our twice weekly livestream classes.


So the point is simple, you CAN learn Wing Chun online, AND at a pace to suit you, and whenever you come back to the site, you do not need to think what you’ve done so far, as your progress is bookmarked, so your training will be there waiting for you, just where you left it


Do something good today and start furthering your knowledge of this amazing art.

What have you got to lose?



Do not start anything by thinking something is massive and/or probably unachievable, or by the same token, thinking that something will be a doddle, whatever you are about to face, break it into small bite size pieces.


This way great things are achievable over time, and, you can appreciate the smaller rewards as you go.



So remember

Small bites, break things down, take one step at a time and achieve the small goals you set for yourself.


This way you get to enjoy the journey rather than feel disappointed that you have not yet reach your destination.


Thank you.


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