Overview of the Beginner Level

Welcome to Wing Chun Online.

Each of the modules in this training program comprises of 8 lessons, and each of those lessons will contain a varying number of tuition videos depending on the amount of work needed within that particular lesson.

It is essential that no matter what your experience, level or ability, that you watch each and every video to fully understand what is being taught.

Jumping from video to video will only cause confusion and probably make no sense anyway, especially in the early days of training.  At this time there are more than 500 videos, placed in order, so as to best help you step by step through the entire system.  These videos are not meant to be watched just once but repeated time and again, until you not only feel you understand what is being explained but can also execute the techniques without the need for further viewing or confirmation.

Often however, further viewing of the same videos may be required later by way of cross-referencing as your higher skills develop.


Beginner Level will start, exactly as it sounds – at the beginning.

Initially we will take you step by step through our structured beginner course, teaching you, in detail, all the basic hand positions needed as well as footwork & structure, and helping to build your confidence in partner training though exercise drills and the amazing art of Chi Sau (Sticking Hands).

We will also tech you Siu Lim Tau (Little Idea Form), this ‘form’ being a sequence of moves to help train your focus, relaxation, internal health and the building of elbow and explosive energy, all the tools you will need for a healthy life and successful street self defence.

Beginner Level Stage 1

This stage will take you through the early elements of the Wing Chun system, from the basic hand positions and footwork, right through to the 1st of your hand forms, Siu Lim Tau (Little Idea Form) and even into Chi Sau (Sticking Hands), the main sparring method used in Wing Chun.

If you are completely new to the style then this stage will be very exciting as everything is new, but at the same time do not think it stops here, these are just the tools needed for progression further down the line.

Beginner Level Stage 2

During this level everything starts to come together and progress starts to speed up.  Now it’s time to work!

We will be taking your Chi Sau development much further throughout this stage by working more on techniques and your attack and defence in general, gaining a better understanding your 1st form by giving applications to each of the moves, and also working on more drills for your partner training.

Also through this stage we start to focus on your street self defence, and even begin work on the 2nd of your hand forms, Chum Kiu (Bridging The Gap).

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