As Well As, Not Instead Of


If you’ve been fortunate enough to have a break from your work this Easter weekend (and possibly fill your face with chocolate), then you’ve probably also been in the position to spend a little extra training time with us.


‘As Well As, Not Instead Of ‘

This is a comment I have said MANY times and is worth repeating, certainly when it comes to learning your Wing Chun Online.

And, within the confines of your private training area, it takes a special kind of martial artist to stay where they are, and just work, and work, and work.

‘Stay where you are’, by this I mean,

I fully understand the temptation to want to have a peek at future Modules and see what is waiting for you out there, but when it comes to your learning, what’s the rush.

By all means do take a look, but then come right back.


Stay where you are until you feel as though you have fully nailed it, that you know what I am saying, that what I am saying makes sense to you & that you can easily replicate the moves (without having to watch and follow), then it’s time to move on, and even then, still come back to that stage at a later date.


The reason for this is so we can give new information or new forms the attention they require.

If you have just learned your 1st Form and are still struggling to remember parts of it, do not then start moving onto the 2nd Form, or they will both suffer.


After you feel as though you fully know Siu Lim Tau and happily move on to Chum Kiu, you MUST remember that you are now not just practicing your 2nd Form, but your 1st AND 2nd Forms.

‘As Well As, Not Instead Of ‘



“Well what happens when I’ve watched every video?”


Simple, make a cup of tea and start them again, but with a new and more mature outlook.


It always surprises me when a student wants to rush ahead without truly understanding what they trained prior to that point.

Just like wanting to run before you can walk.


I’d like to see someone be so confident when having flying lessons!

“Well Johnny, you’ve had four lessons so far.. Feel ready for your first solo?”

I’m fairly sure I know what the reply would be.



Now I’m also willing to bet that a few of you are thinking, that’s a completely different ballgame.

You could die rushing into your first solo flight, it’s not like you’d be risking your life by rushing your Wing Chun, or is it?

I’ll let you answer that one for yourselves, but I will say, ‘A little knowledge is a dangerous thing’.

And if you are over confident, that could be your biggest enemy.


As Bruce Lee said:

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times”.


Each form has its own story, its own benefits, its own character, with each one complimenting and helping to better understand the other.


So again I say, do not rush ahead if that means neglecting what you are already trying to absorb.


New forms, new techniques and new experiences, need to be trained, yes of course, in time.


But always remember, when you learn something new, it’s..

As Well As, Not Instead Of


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