Armpit Hydraulics (Part 2)


Lifting… Or just expanding?

(Photo by Wioletta Plonkow)


In Part 1 of this blog we looked at a common issue, usually found with newer students to Chi Sau, but also for those intermediates who are either starting to apply power to their game or even for experienced practitioners using more force than they may normally use.

This issue is one of unwanted tension.


‘So how can we gain more power, allowing ourselves to go that step forward,

while also trying to not be reliant on muscle strength to get us there?’


I found the answer to this problem through the principles of Siu Lim Tau.


Initially this clip was 17 minutes long but has been reduced greatly and only split into two parts for easier viewing.


Again then;

‘The goal here was to try to find way of rolling in Chi Sau,

with power, but avoiding the unwanted build up of tension,

this was achieved through thinking of hydraulics’.



Thank you for watching



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