Are You Lacking Power In Dan Chi Sau?



It seems to be a common problem when playing Dan Chi Sau for people to play without any awareness of power and unable to build it.


Now to be fair there are a few ways that Dan Chi can be played, it could be as a speed training tool (Quick fire reactions), it could be a game of sensitivity (Knowing when to stop), or as it often played, as a way of developing strength, at least strength through  the Jum Sau (Sinking/Sunken elbow).


One way it should NOT be played is out of range!


This is simply something I do not understand?


What is going on here?

‘Hey, I’m going to make an attempt at hitting you even though I’m way out of range’


The only thing this does is teach you to overcommit on your attack and defence, locking the arm on the palm and the punch, at least be in range so that if the defence is weak then you would know due to your partners contact being made.


Anyway, rant over, let’s assume you are in range, and the game you are playing is one of building energy.


As the palm pushes forward and upward, the Jum is required to match this force,

with an equal counter pressure.


This is very often where the doubt creeps in.


The video below was taken while I was giving a seminar and a student attending was finding little resistance from his partner when forcing the palm, so I stepped in to try to help add power to the Jum.


Apologies for the gormless expression in the freeze-frame.  LOL





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