Are You In Range?


Be on target!


It is all well and good training defensive techniques but often we can doubt whether they will work or not, but,

Why would we think this?


Usually because we did not see the desired result being as we expected, perhaps even a little lame.


This is a cruel and vicious circle because the chances are you’re doing everything right, but the reason for the outcome being lame was because the attack was lame.


Now don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting that you try to knock each other out, just that you are on target, and IN RANGE.


Too many people try to help their training partner by stopping their strikes short or by drifting off line toward the end of the punch.

This is not only foolish but also very dangerous as it gives your partner a false sense of security, believing they are doing well when they are not, a shocking reality check should they find themselves in a real situation where their attacker is only inches away from them.


In no way am I trying to ridicule those who do this, it is not a bad thing that you do not want to hit someone, in fact this niceness may well be the very reason you had to start your training in the first place.


Therefore, in order to help make things work, a little trick I created is to change the mindset of an ATTACK and change it too a game of tig (tag), or in the case of the videos below, trying to steal your partners bib!


Perhaps you may wish to try this in your classes as a confidence builder in closing down distance.

I hope you like it,

Thank you






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