Are You A Wing Chun Critic?



We hear people criticize all the time.


Some people even do this for a living, critics visiting restaurants, hotels, holidays etc. but when it comes to those who chose to criticize individual people, styles and especially teachers, this can go too far.


All too often this critic is unjustified, without the criticizer even trying to understand what that person or group may be trying to pass across OR what their approach may have to offer you.


Now sometimes there may actually be a right to criticize, but don’t criticize too soon, at least give them time and TRY to understand their point of view.


And this goes for all sorts of situations, not just in your Wing Chun / Martial Arts training but in life in general.


It’s the easiest thing in the world to mock an Alcoholic because you are not one.

You can have a drink




What about someone Being Crazy?

I mean just like the funny guy in the movies, who at the time we may all think is great because he can do whatever he wants and say what he likes, but you only like that because you are not crazy.

You can watch the movie, and when it’s over,




Getting frustrated at a Crying Baby and its parent for not silencing them, usually when you don’t have children of your own

You can hold the baby but when it cries, give it back and




Don’t pre-judge


When you see the man staggering,

Is he drunk or having a seizure?


What about that tough guy with the shaved head?

He’s not trying to be a tough guy, he’s recovering from chemotherapy!


The guy wearing heavy boots then?

He’s building a house for his grandma.

And so on…


Try to see what someone is teaching before you make comment.

We can ALL learn from each other and EVERYONE has something to offer.


I’ll leave you with this thought:


Before you criticize, walk a mile in their shoes.

And, at the end of that walk, if you still don’t like that person or their views, who cares?

Certainly not You, as you’ll be a mile away from them AND, you’ll have a new pair of shoes!




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