Another Short And Sweet


Getting to the point


I’m going to make this as blunt as I can.


Many people come to visit me from other schools, associations and of course countries, but nearly every time I roll with them they seem beyond poor, in fact dreadful, with their ability to use a left Tan/Bong and right Fook Sau.

Why is this?

What the hell is going on?


If you want to improve,

‘Train the things you CANNOT do!’

Stop being a ‘one trick pony’ and staying with your favorite moves

If you have a teacher that does not roll, change, attack and defend, with equal skill on both arms,




It is the simplest thing to ask, just train your arms equally


When I explain to beginner all the benefits of Wing Chun, one of the first things I would mention is the fact that it’s ambidextrous and that, unlike those with a ‘side on’ approach, we do not have a weaken or preferred side.

And yet when I roll with those who, let’s face it, should know better, this is exactly what they are doing!


So again I say, if you want to be the best you can be,

‘Train the things you CANNOT do!’


Who knows?

If you do focus more on the other side,

Maybe you’ll be the best left hand Tan/Bong & right Fook sau’r out there!

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