Another Look Through The Archives


Please forgive my repeating a blog or two but after another look through the archives I stumbled across this one and it did make me laugh.  So much so that I just felt I had to share.


I hope you raise a smile from it too.  🙂





I’ve lost count of the number of students, instructors and schools that have said they were taught by me, when I have never met them or even heard of them, and by the way, this is long before I started WingChun.Online


The point is this, if you would like to be taught by me then it’s easy, I am more than happy to teach you, just sign up to and join the family, it’s not difficult.


A number of years back I was unexpectedly at a venue where there was a Wing Chun class in progress, being curious I couldn’t help but pop my head around the corner for a sneaky peek..

Unfortunately for me I was spotted and an instructor came rushing up to me and asked if I was interested in learning.


Being polite I tried to introduce myself and explain that I had merely stumbled across the gathering and just popped in to take a look and say hello to anyone I may know.


The chap however was quite persistent in his wanting me to join, so out of curiosity I asked of his lineage, to which he answered that he was taught by Sifu Colin Ward, personal student of Ip Chun, and had been under him for many years.


Well, as you can imagine I was quite surprised considering I had never met the man before so thought it best to bite my tongue, say nothing, make my excuses and leave.

Just in oder to save any embarrassment you understand.


As I began doing so the instructor asked me for my name and number so he could contact me regarding future training.


Well what else could I do?

I introduced myself, “Sifu Colin Ward” I said, “Personal student to Grandmaster Ip Chun” while giving him my card and a polite smile.


Oh and just in case you’re wondering, he never called.


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