A Very Special Day


A big day!


Tomorrow, 17th March, is a special day for so many, mainly because it is St. Patrick’s Day, especially for most Irish people anyway, but for me it carries much more importance, for tomorrow is my daughter Isabella’s 10th birthday.


Now the reason I am mentioning this is because, as with most parents seeing their child reach a milestone age, I am sure they all think the same:


‘Where did the time go?’


In fact it was only last month that many of my students joined me on a Zoom call to help wish a Happy 30th Birthday to my school, and once again the thought pops up:


‘Where did the time go?’


This happens all too often, and in many different cases, but only to those who stick with it, whatever IT is.


A number of years ago I was lucky enough to be able to run the London Marathon and, prior to the actual race day, I had only had a long distance of 21 miles under my belt, but on the day I kept a steady pace, helped along by the wonderful crowds and managed to plod on;


‘One step at a time’.


This is the same attitude we should take to our Wing Chun training and development too, a lot of your training will sink in very quickly, after all, it is designed to work in harmony with your natural body reactions, but at some point your training and your fresh knowledge will begin to slow down (Just like I did at the 23 mile stage!), but KEEP GOING.

Because at some point you will have the wonderment and joy of looking over your shoulder and wondering:


‘Where did the time go?’


Not only that but you’ll be so happy with how much you’ve accomplished…



‘One step at a time’.



Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

All my love, Sifu

(A.K.A. Daddy Bear)  XXX


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