A Taster ‘As-Live’ Stream Class


Much more laid back than we are used to.


I have never believed in the strict approach to teaching (training yes, but that’s a different, personal and individual matter), obviously it is vital that the student knows if a technique is correct or not, but I think you get more through teaching with kindness than shouting orders.


Even so I’d like to add, this particular session was not a typical zoom training session, as to start with, in this video I am not even wearing shoes, and, I am broadcasting from my daughters bedroom!


Oh how things have changed!


However it does give a little idea of the kind of things we cover in our twice weekly sessions.


In this class it had been my intention being to train much more of the Virtual Sparring and Virtual Chi Sau, however after a question regarding a move in Chum Kiu, a detail explanation took much of the time.


Please feel free to join along with the training as if you were training with us, live, keep an open mind and I do hope you enjoy yourself and find it of interest.


Thank you.




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