A Shared Thought


What is a blog and why do we have them?

To share a tip, an idea, a thought for the day, or even a principle?


I suppose there are many reasons for a blog and in todays case I simply wanted to share something that one of my students had posted on Facebook, it was a Youtube clip from the actor, Matthew McConauhey.


I would like to say that this is the first time that I have redirected someone away from wingchun.online to go and watch a Youtube video, mainly because there is a strong danger that whoever is redirected to watch, may then be distracted and not return to this site to continue their training, whether that training is physical training or mental studies (so do remember to come back soon).

Secondly I was very surprised to hear such words of wisdom from an actor, do not bite my head off, I mean no disrespect!

All I mean by this is that, we usually think of actors reading, reciting and/or preforming the actions of others, through script, song and even dance, but rarely do we get an opportunity to hear their own words or get a glimpse into their personal thoughts, and even rarer still do they make so much sense.


Although by way of a blog, this does seem somewhat of a cop-out, I did personally think this was a special message and a message I found inspiring, and it is for this reason I wish to share it with our members, readers and followers.


Thank you.


Over to you, Mr McConauhey,



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