A Guide For Re-Opening Your School


Students waiting for the doors to open again


For a while now we’ve heard of gyms opening up again and classes being allowed to take place, but for the most, these communities carried little risk.

In gyms for instance, weights, benches and other equipment can be cleaned in-between uses, and as for classes, well, Zumba, Spin, Aerobics, Yoga and so on, they do not need to partner and can socially distance with little effort.

Even in boxing/sparring type classes such as Western, Thai, Kick Boxing and so on, there is the protection of padding, gloves and headgear, but when it comes to Wing Chun and Chi Sau, we do find ourselves in quite a unique situation.


On Monday 16th March I had put in place changes as to how we would be running our classes for that time being, implementing an end to Chi Sau and partner work, focussing on personal training only and social distancing throughout the school.


I had informed students that I would attend every class should anyone still wish to train, on Monday 23rd March however, the bombshell was dropped by Boris Johnson and I locked the door to my school for the last time, for a long time.

Incidentally, my locking of the door on the 23rd was only after I had taken out some personal training equipment to take home such as a Wooden Dummy, Knives and a Pole, as the lesson itself took place outside in the carpark (Taking maximum safety precautions from the start).


So for the last five months my 3,500 sq ft of training school was left to gather dust, that was at least until this week.


So glad to be back


Last night saw the first lesson back with strict rules put in place, in line with Government guidelines and only twenty (pre-booked) students allowed.


For anyone wishing to reopen their school but not sure what they need to do, I would like to share with you the measures I put in place and hope that they help you too, to not only get your students back into training but more importantly, to keep them safe.

Oh and these also included a different door for entering and exiting, no visitors, no viewing and no beginner classes etc.




Precautionary Class Measures


If the school is to reopen within the near future, rules/guidelines MUST be followed

If for whatever your reasons at this time, mean that you do not wish to follow these directions, please DO NOT attend classes at this time.

These rules are NOT optional.

We expect you to respect the rights of others, therefore, as much as we will be overjoyed to see each other again, no contact please

Thank you



Entering the school:


Use your home toilet BEFORE heading to the school

(The school toilet is for emergency use only)


Do not enter until there is space to do so (this will be distance marked out)


Only 3 people maximum in the entrance area

Once you are ready, please move straight into the training area


Take your coat and bags with you into the training hall


On entrance and exit of the school hands must be washed thoroughly and hand sanitizer used frequently.

These stations will be well signposted within the school



Entering the training area:


Your temperature will be taken via a contactless infrared scan;

If it is high, you will not be allowed to train


Students must sign a waiver on entry giving their consent to training under their own supervision


Your name, phone number and date of visit must also be written in the book on entry for any NHS Test and Trace purposes


Put your coat and bags in the main hall away from others for safe and easy access away and from the entrance area


Please bring with you…

Your own bottle of water, NOT just a water bottle

Also a personal towel for wiping sweaty brows etc. and a long sleeve top for extra Chi Sau protection should it be requested


Your own mask MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES unless clearance is given

(Although masks and medical gloves are provided throughout the school)



When training:


Hand sanitizer should be used frequently.

These stations will be well signposted within the school


For the line up, solo training, Form work and so on, please stand in the specified and 2m distance marked spots, during this training you may remove your face masks


After using ANY equipment this must be cleaned afterwards with antibacterial wipes

Only one piece of equipment per person, per class (what you choose, you stay with)


If sparring, you MUST keep your medical gloves on inside the boxing gloves

Only one pair of gloves per person, per class (what you choose, you stay with)


If partner training, who you choose, you stay with (no partner changes)






Class sizes will be limited to twenty students


If you wish to attend a particular class you must inform us via Facebook or text ahead to reserve your place, when we reach twenty, that class is full.


Please do not just reserve spaces unless you are sure you can attend


If there is a last-minute change to your situation causing you to miss the session you have booked on, then of course this is fine, do not worry too much about it.



At the moment these guidelines are exactly that, a guide, and are likely to be changed at any time

so PLEASE keep informed of any changes made in the future.


Please help us to help you, in keeping everybody safe and well 

Thank you



Here are just some of the products I have used throughout the school…





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