A Different Approach To Form


Siu Lim Tau


In a previous blog I shared a video on, ‘Solo Reaction Training’, if you have not yet viewed this post, please do so, as this idea of using an outside influence to dictate your reactions, will prove excellent for this method of Form training.


I have also recently mentioned how we can think of Forms teaching us how to gain a contact, and the idea that Chi Sau can be interpreted as teaching us what to do with that contact.


Looking now then at gaining that all important first contact


Chum Kiu would help us to avoid getting hit in the first place, with the idea that:


‘There is a little bit of you moving the strike out of the way,

and a little bit of you moving out of the way of the strike’


Therefore when using Bong Sau’s, get your head out of the way!


The idea behind Siu Lim Tau is to take control, follow and attack down, that centreline.


In this video we will play the Siu Lim Tau together but at any given moment I will direct you to fire a punch down this centreline, then immediately return to the Form to continue with your energy training.


For this video, I will give the signal, for future training of this exercise, please refer to the ‘Solo Reaction Training’ blog I mentioned earlier.


Thank you for watching.

I hope you enjoy it.






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