A Different Approach To Form


More than one way to learn Wing Chun?


We all know the benefits of training Form work, Forms teach us how to get the contact, Chi Sau teaches us what to do with it, this is one idea at least.


Forms are also our text books, set sequences of moves, put together in a certain order, containing all the moves and positions of Wing Chun, so as when trained properly, every possibility is being prepared and catered for, this is another method of thinking.

Oh and the text book idea is more literal than you my think, considering that hundreds of years ago, not everyone could read but people could copy moves, also books could be stolen, a Form though, not so easily.


It is safe to say then that whenever we train our Forms we can draw so many different things from them, even though the moves may be the same, and the same they should be!


Applications should, and must, be open to interpretation,

but the pattern itself must remain pure.


Whichever Form you are studying at the moment, it will be fair to say that you probably started with Siu Lim Tau, and this is where I want to give you another understanding to the training of centreline.


In the first section we focus on building elbow energy yes, but we also develop an understanding of the centreline, a line we always attack down and a line we always try to protect, in short, when attacking we go down it, when defending we try to get back on it.


Driving from the elbow not only follows the same path as punches but the same principle too.


The clip below was take from one of our wingchun.online weekly livestream classes, where I wanted students to stay in the moment in Siu Lim Tau, but in more ways than one, join in with the training in this clip and see if you can do what is required too?


For more training like this, join us at wingchun.online


Thank you


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