A Christmas Thought…


A very light hearted blog.


Before I get into the nitty gritty of this post please note that this must be read ‘Tongue in cheek’, and in NO WAY am I trying to belittle anyones’ religions or beliefs.


Now then…  As this is the Season to be jolly, I thought I would get into the spirit of things by listening to some Christmas tunes, tunes I used to love when I was young (ish), this year however I seemed to be listening to them in a different light, which I must admit caused me some concern.


‘I believe in Father Christmas’


Which by the way, is a 1975 song by Greg Lake and not an admission of my inner feelings, this is a wonderful song, but after listening to it this time, I realised that he seems to be singing that there is no Santa and that it is just a disguise (How dare he?).

Not what you want to be listening to if you’re little is it!


‘A spaceman came travelling’


Another wonderful tune, this one by Chris De Burgh, which on listening closer, the Star he sings of, is in fact the lights of a spaceship, this seems to be singing about scientology does is not?


And the final straw came for me when listening to Wham singing ‘Last Christmas’, which I now think is about a butcher giving out free produce!


Okay maybe that last one does seem a little strange, but listen to the song and make sure you turn the volume up at the 3min 39sec mark, where you will clearly hear George Michael sing the words, ‘You gave meat away’ (or perhaps it’s just me?).


So to sum up, it appears that these days you cannot trust anyone, apart from yourself that is (well I did say to read this tongue in cheek didn’t I?), so train a little every day, “Learn from everyone, and take onboard what you find useful”, I’m sure I’ve heard someone say something similar to that before? 🙂


So why not see what wingchun.online could offer you and see how far your training goes in 2022?


There is an old saying:

‘You cannot serve two Masters’


But there’s nothing wrong with questioning what you are doing now is there?

And what is wrong with wanting to expand your knowledge anyway?


As Grandmaster Ip Chun says:

“50% or your Wing Chun comes from your Sifu, and 50% comes from you”



Merry Christmas everyone and keep paying attention to the details,



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