A Better Way To Train Pak Sau (Part 4) ‘Additional Info’


A little extra


Throughout these videos I have looked at training Pak Sau with a different viewpoint, these ideas have ranged from, not losing sight of the initial intent behind the first Pak (meaning not expecting it to be intercepted), to how to use Pak drills to aid in the first-line defence when in a street situation, and even using this aggressive Pak, as an entry idea into your Chi Sau exchanges.


In the little clip below, I wanted to add another thought, the thinking here being on who is in control during these drills?


We all know how to Pak in a drill, BUT, the person executing the Pak, also always seems to be the one dictating the pace and timing of that Pak, surely if this is to be beneficial in your being able to use this defensively, it will be your opponent who dictates the pace, NOT the one using the Pak?


I am not suggesting that everyone is using Pak incorrectly, not at all, only to show that, not only can it be great fun to Mix-it-up a little when playing drills, but it can also carry great benefits with it too.

I imagine that the original reasoning behind the Pak-er, being the one who steps in, is probably because if you are learning a technique from new, then this way would allow you to get the correct feel first, then gradually build up the speed as you also build up your confidence.


I hope you get something from this old clip and that the sound quality is not too quiet for you.


Thank you for watching.


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